Bеликие Революции (Great Revolutions)

The Fund has supported the translation of Out of Revolution into Russian. The first edition of this translation was published by Hermitage Press, Tenafly, NJ, in 1999 under the title Великие Революции (Great Revolutions). The book was translated by Vitaly Makhlin, Oleg Osovsky, Alexander Pigalev, Igor Solomadin, Alexei Vasilyev and Igor Yefimov. A Russian edition [Read More]

Other Russian Translations

In Russia, Labyrinth Publishers released in 1994 the Russian translation of Speech and Reality. Canon Publishers in Moscow published in 1998 a collection of essays to be called God Makes Us Speak, edited by Prof. Alexander Pigalev of Volograd, which will include seven chapters from various publications of Rosenstock-Huessy. The Soros Foundation in Russia funded [Read More]