De Vrucht Der Lippen

waarom vier Evangeliën

by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy. Translated from the German by Elias Voet and Sam Hartman. Ten Have, Baarn, The Netherlands, 1981. Paperback, 126 pages.

This little book is the translation into Dutch of the essay Rosenstock-Huessy chose to make the capstone of his two-volume Die Sprache des Menschengeschlechts. In it he passionately defends the authority of all four gospels, and their life as Christ’s “lips.” He cites de Bruyne and Harnack for his agrument, and finds internal evidence that the evangelists were not only aware of each other’s work, but each evoked the gospel of the next.

The original version of this essay is in English, available from Wipf and Stock as Fruit of Lips.