Friedrich Nietzsche’s Function in the Church and the Crisis of Theology and Philosophy

Prepared for the joint meeting of the American Association of Church History and the American Historical Association. December 1942. 28 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College.  [I. The Unity of Health and Madness as a new historical phenomenon / II. The conquest of space from 1100-1900; Thomas, Cusanus, Paracelsus, Descartes / III. Nietzsche’s program for the conquest of time / IV. and V. Nietzsche’s masks as the price for his program; The Deification of Man in the Church / VI. and VII. Blasphemy and Madness; Theology and Philosophy have changed rapiers.] {See unpublished item, Nietzsche’s Masks (1944).} Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 368. – 1942