Perpetual Features of Education

(Deleted heading: Philosophy 10, Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy I.U.D. Dr. Phil. Dartmouth College. Universities, Past and Present or The Imperatival Logic of Education. A Philosophy of Science.), 1939. Manuscript of 83 pp.; typescript by L. van der Molen, 21 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. [Introduction, p. 1; / I part: Perpetual features of education. The quantities of education, p. 9; The basic situation: History versus nature, p. 19; The first commandment of education, p. 27; Some Analyses of the first commandment,  p. 38; The first commandment as Man’s Magna Charta, p. 53; Journalism and education, p. 60.] Unpublished. Reel 6, Item 330. – 1939