Privilege and Future Opportunity of the University

Richard Cabot Lectures. October 7, 14, 21, and 28, 1938. 113 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. [Lecture 1 – The German University. Parents, scholars, students, administrators; The human side of thought;  “Mr. Dick” and the end of the German University. Lecture, pp. 1-15; discussion, pp. 16-24. / Lecture  2 –The American University. Woodrow Wilson’s legacy to American universities, Princeton, Chicago, Dartmouth; The modern confusion between ideas, sciences, education and knowledge, exemplified by A. E. Housman’s “Introductory Lecture”; The proper relations between birth, growth, spread and death of thought; Economy of the mind. Lecture, pp. 1-19; discussion, pp. 20-29. / Lecture 3 – Ideas. The opportunities of parents; The ten commandments of education: Listen, read, think, play; doubt, protest, suffer; return, teach, designate; The institutional representation of these commandments in society. Lecture, pp. 1-21b; discussion, pp. 22-28. / Lecture 4 – Facts. The opportunities of scholars: the question of their trustworthiness; How ideas are changed into sciences; The transition from faith to science through work, which must be 1) of universal significance, 2) detached from the environment, 3) vouched by concrete persons, 4) exposed to constant criticism; The forgotten principle of the occidental universities: Paris, Bologna, Salerno and their secret (postponed to a later session due to  lack of time). Lecture, pp. 1-20; discussion, pp. 21-32.)] Four of six lectures. Missing are Lecture 5 – Men, The fellowship of students, and Lecture 6 – Administrative Measures. For their content see next entry: Privilege and Future Opportunity of the University (Summaries, summary of the whole series) Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. Unpublished. Reel 6, Item 320. – 1938