Other Russian Translations

In Russia, Labyrinth Publishers released in 1994 the Russian translation of Speech and Reality.
Canon Publishers in Moscow published in 1998 a collection of essays to be called God Makes Us Speak, edited by Prof. Alexander Pigalev of Volograd, which will include seven chapters from various publications of Rosenstock-Huessy.
The Soros Foundation in Russia funded the publication of a book consisting of selections from Rosenstock Huessy’s works, E. Rosenstock Huessy. The Speech of Humankind: Selected Writings, edited by Alexander Pigalev. The book appeared in the Soros series “Faces of Culture.” “Faces of Culture” is a publishing project whose goal is to introduce the philosophical heritage of western thinking to Russia. “Faces of Culture” has also included the works of Paul Tillich, Karl Mannheim, and Wilhelm Windelband.