❮ Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy Live!

Volume 11: History Must Be Told (Draft, 1954)

One 1-hour lecture.

History is the story of how new qualities in the human race are created and handed over from generation to generation. It is the inheritance of acquired qualities, the transmission of new qualities. It’s the bettering of the times, as Shakespeare’s sonnets call it.

—November 28, 1954

In this version of History Must Be Told, Rosenstock-Huessy explains how we must make decisions and act in the present to create our desired future, and connect ourselves with larger communities. He declares that history represents choices about what from the past may be forgotten and what must be told if it is to be fulfilled.

History Must be Told (1954) is a first attempt to make an LP record with this title. The lecture actually used for the record is described under its own title, History Must be Told (1955)