by Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy. Brendow Verlag, Amandus Verlag, 1991.

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isbn: 3-87067-423-7 (Brendow)
isbn: 3-85009-020-5 (Amandus)
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Der Atem des Geistes (The Breath of the Spirit) is the first book Rosenstock-Huessy published in Germany after World War II (1951). It is a collection of essays presenting his method of inquiry for the social sciences. A quotation from page 32 captures the character of the book:

It is true, we have been ignored for 40 years, because the sciences in office, all of them, in a gnostic-platonic way, are aiming at objects in nature and do not have any faith in names, by virtue of which living man consciously distances himself from his own nature. However, a new ‘Organon’ for all the sciences of society, state and church, a grammar of human associations is in the making here.

The title contains a play on double meanings. Using Martin Buber’s translation, it wouldread in Hebrew: the spirit of the spirit or the breath of the breath.


Hardbound, 296 pages.