The Brattle Street Lectures

I – 1. Introduction,  pp. 1-3; 2. The Luther of Physics–Diagnosis of Research or the Redirection of Scientific Problems, pp. 3-16. The Luther of Physics, and the re-embedding of the natural sciences. The situation of the theology in 1500 similar to the situation of physics today. The important scientific parties today.The Richard Cabot Lecture, The Science of Bodies and The Appeal to Somebody.

II – Language, Logic, Literature. 1. Language as nature, pp. 1-3; 2. Language as social organizer, pp. 3-6; 3. Sentence and act; 4. Their four possible combinations; 5. When to change from one combination to the other; (4 and 5 not marked). Scepticism and Mystification. The modern Sophists and the university machinery and monopolies. The three scientific processes: designing, enumerating, articulating.   The growth of logic and mathematics. The lack of a science of articulation. Popular substitutes. The disease of self-expression. Proper remedies.] 17 pp.{Cf. unpublished item, The University of Logic, Language and Literature (1935), not identical.}

III – A. Diagnosis of Education and Redirection of the Mind; B. The Religion of the Scientist,  pp. 1-2; C. Personal Education, pp. 2-6; D. Buddha>, pp.6-8; E.Lao-tzu, pp. 8-11; F. Abraham, Jesus, Buddha, Laotse, 19 pp. {= Unpublished item, The Penetration of the Cross. Abraham, Jesus, Lao-tzu, Buddha (1939), II,  pp. 2-55.}

Jan. 13, 20, and 27, 1939. Unpublished. Not microfilmed, but see “Language, Logic, Literature.” – 1939