“Franz Rosenzweig und Eugen Rosenstock. Judentum und Christentum”

Briefe: Franz Rosenzweig. Selected and edited by Edith Rosenzweig, with the assistance of Ernst Simon (Berlin: Schocken Verlag, 1935): 637-720. {See Judaism despite Christianity (1969), pp. 77-170, with prologue and epilogue. In the later edition, Franz Rosenzweig: Briefe und Tagebücher, Raphael Rosenzweig and Edith Rosenzweig-Scheinmann, eds. (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1979), the letters are separated and inserted between letters to other correspondents.}Reel 6, Item 302. – 1935

The Inheritors of Industry: Ecodynamics of a Mechanized World

Lowell Lectures. 1935. 200 pp. [First Part: The World of Dead Time. 1. The Black Magic of the Twenty-four Hour Day; 2. Modern Technique a Restitution of Nature; 3. Factory Force and Legal Personality; 4. The Waste of Power in Industry. Second Part: Ecodynamics of  Human Time. 5. The Social Body Rebelling against Dead Time; 6. First Ecodynamic Law: The Group in Production; 7. Second Ecodynamic Law: The Responsibility for Reproduction; 8. Third Ecodynamic Law: The New Roots of Personality.] Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. {Basic to The Multiformity of Man–Economics of a Mechanized World (1936), The Multiformity of Man (1949), and Der unbezahlbare Mensch (1955).}  Unpublished. Reel 6, Item 304. – 1935

“The Role of Language”

Notes for a lecture on April 9, 1935. 2 pp. Title by L. van der Molen. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. Unpublished. Reel 6, Item 307. – 1935

Syllabus, Kuno Francke Lectures (1934-35)

The Constitutional History of Germany from Otto I to Charles V (936-1555) or The Defence of the Roman Empire by the Germans. 1935. 4 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. Unpublished. Reel 6, Item 305. – 1935