Friedrich Nietzsche’s Function in the Church and the Crisis of Theology and Philosophy

Prepared for the joint meeting of the American Association of Church History and the American Historical Association. December 1942. 28 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College.  [I. The Unity of Health and Madness as a new historical phenomenon / II. The conquest of space from 1100-1900; Thomas, Cusanus, Paracelsus, Descartes / III. Nietzsche’s program for the conquest of time / IV. and V. Nietzsche’s masks as the price for his program; The Deification of Man in the Church / VI. and VII. Blasphemy and Madness; Theology and Philosophy have changed rapiers.] {See unpublished item, Nietzsche’s Masks (1944).} Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 368. – 1942

The Future Way of Life

Christmas 1942. 13 pp. Argo Books Archive. {= Rosenstock-Huessy Papers, Vol. 1 (1981), Ch. 4.} Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 371. – 1942

“Nietzsche’s Untimeliness”

1941-1942 (ca.). Manuscript of 12 pp. numbered a-l. Title and typescript by L. van der Molen, 4 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 370. – 1942

Philosophy and The Social Sciences

December 1942 (possibly 1943). Conference of the American Philosophers. (Most likely the annual December meeting of the American Philosophical Association, although the APA does not have proceedings from these dates to confirm this.) 68 + 2 pp.; typescript by L. van der Molen, 12 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College.  Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 373. – 1942

“Population Trends and Economic Changes”

Know Your Town, The Survey of Norwich, Vt. Produced through Community Cooperation, The Norwich Women’s Club (together with and under the names of Carrie Barret and Margrit Rosenstock-Huessy, 1942): 10-17. Reel 7, Item 365. – 1942

Sex and Sequence

1942 (ca.). Manuscript of 3 pp.; typescript by L. van der Molen, 2 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 374. – 1942

Soldiers in the Larger Sense

Comments on the address of William James, “A Soldier in the Larger Sense.” February 25, 1942. 39 pp. (incomplete). George Allen Morgan private collection.  [1. Conversation; 2. Genius; 3. The Heroic; 4. Science, Consciousness, Conscience; 5. Philosophies, a Plural; 6. The Impossible. Hercules’ Choice? 7. The Soul; 8. Importance; 9. Infinity; 10. Fear; 11. Thinkers versus Soldiers. 10 and 11 are missing. For 11, see  The Christian Future (1946), pp. 216ff.] Unpublished. See Reel 8, Item 401. – 1942

Soldiers of the Impossible

Lecture at Shady Hill School. May 2, 1942. 37 pp. Rauner Library, Dartmouth College.  [1. Our way of thinking; 2. Our way of acting; 3. Our way of transmitting.] Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 375. – 1942

The Soul of William James.

Metalegomena on the Pragmatic Significance of the term “soul.” An address delivered at Dartmouth College. January 11, 1942. 22 pp. With an appendix of Notes, not in the published versions, pp. 20-22. {= I Am an Impure Thinker(1970), pp. 20-34. Translated into German in unpublished item, “William James,” (1947); condensed in “William James,” Thema (1950). Translated in “Die Seele von William James,” Beiheft Stimmstein (1995).} Unpublished.Reel 7, Item 376. – 1942

Supertime, or the Correspondences of Society

“Investigations in the Field of Biography Time Politics and Education.” 1942. 42 pp., with 2-page Introduction, “Space and Time are ‘unnatural,’ social data.” Rauner Library, Dartmouth College. {= Unpublished item, Man Must Teach (1940) and Rosenstock-Huessy Papers, Vol. 1 (1981), Ch. III, both without the introduction. Cf. unpublished item, Education in the Third Phase of the Industrial Era (1939).} Unpublished. Reel 7, Item 377. – 1942