Richard Feringer on Rosenstock-Huessy

Richard Feringer (March 29, 1924-December 5, 2012) was a professor of education whose first career was in maritime engineering; he worked as a designer, consultant, and instrument maker before abandoning engineering to study for a D.Ed. at UCLA. It was there that he first discovered Rosenstock-Huessy. Like many people, he occasionally found reading Rosenstock-Huessy heavy sledding; he began these notes to clarify his understanding of what he was reading.

In 1963, Feringer was hired by Western Washington University in Bellingham as a founding member of the department of continuing studies; he later founded a graduate program there to prepare students to work in community development. He returned to teaching full-time in 1973 and retired in 1991. His notes on Rosenstock-Huessy are an unusual record of one man’s struggle with inspiration and comprehension; the Fund is grateful to be able to share them with users of this website.

Notes on selected Essays of Rosenstock-Huessy (PDF version 75KB)


Table of Contents

Volume I


The Multiformity of Man (PDF Version)

Cross of Reality – 1953 (PDF Version)

Grammatical Method – 1962 (PDF Version)

Cross of Reality – 1965 (PDF Version)

Economy of Times – 1965 (PDF Version)

Speech and Reality (PDF Version)

Practical Knowledge of the Soul (PDF Version)


Circulation of Thought – 1949 (PDF Version)

Circulation of Thought – 1954 (PDF Version)

Circulation of Thought – 1956 (PDF Version)

St. Augustine by the Sea – 1962 (PDF Version)

Lingo of Linguistics 1966 (PDF Version)

The Origin of Speech (PDF Version)


Universal History – 1949 (PDF Version)

Universal History – 1951 (PDF Version)

Hinge of Generations – 1953 (PDF Version)

Universal History – 1954 (PDF Version)

History Must be Told – Draft Transcription (PDF Version)

History Must be Told – 1955 (PDF Version)

Universal History – 1956 (PDF Version)

Cruciform Character of History – 1967 (PDF Version)

Universal History – 1967 (PDF Version)

Volume II


In the Cross of Reality – 1927 – from Soziologie (PDF Version)

Andragogy – 1925 (PDF Version)

Man Must Teach – 1981 (PDF Version)

Potential Teachers – 1952 (PDF Version)

Liberal Arts College – 1960 (PDF Version)

Karl Marx to the Peace Corps – 1966 (PDF Version)

Peace Corps – 1966 (PDF Version)

The University – 1968 (PDF Version)

Teaching Too Late, Learning Too Early – 1940 (PDF Version)


Comparative Religion – 1954 (PDF Version)

Four Disangelists – 1954 – Before and After Marx (PDF Version)

Talks with Franciscans – 1965 (PDF Version)

Fashions of Atheism – 1968 (PDF Version)

The Christian Future or The Modern Mind Outrun (PDF Version)


Philosophy and the Social Sciences (PDF Version)

Greek Philosophy – 1956 (PDF Version)


Make Bold to be Ashamed – 1953 (PDF Version)

What Future the Professions – 1960 (PDF Version)

Planetary Service: a Way into the Third Millennium (PDF Version)